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Shangri-La Event Center

Shangri-La, a family-owned and operated business for over forty-five years, includes a 32 acre lake, hundreds of mature trees, beautifully manicured green spaces, and thoughtfully decorated spaced complete with live plants and flowers. The owners, Pam and Rod Zeigler, with their three daughters, have turned Shangri-La into the ideal setting for a wedding or event. Shangri-La was born from the family's love of this property and wanting to share its beauty with others. The Zeigler's, along with their staff, work tirelessly to ensure an amazing experience for everyone who steps foot on their sandy beaches. 


1973: Shangri-La was opened as Shangri-La Water Ski Club by Bill and Adele Sohm, and was run by Bill, Adele and their children: Pam, Bill and Mike.  High profile skiers trained on the slalom course and regulation jump.  

1978: The first wedding is held at Shangri-La. Current owners, Pam and Rod, tie the knot lakeside.

1973 - 2000: Numerous water ski tournaments were held at Shangri-La including the state tournament. Several competitive ski teams trained here including: Hiram College, Kent State University, Akron University, and competitive skiers from the former Sea World Ski Team.  The Shangri-La Water Skiers had a weekly volleyball challenge against the Sea World Ski Team.

2001: Rod and Pam Zeigler purchase Shangri-La.

Today: Rod and Pam Zeigler own and manage the lake with their three adult daughters, but have transformed it into a beautiful oasis for weddings and events. These major renovations were made to the grounds and clubhouse to make it an idyllic outdoor and tropical setting.  

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